We, the undersigned residents of New Hampshire and/or Vermont, express our full support for the proposed Granite State Power Link project.

These include lower electricity costs; local property tax revenues for the host towns and cities; the creation of nearly 2,000 jobs in New Hampshire and Vermont during peak construction; substantial assistance to low-income families from the GSPL co-owner, Citizens Energy; and other local economic benefits.

As important, however, is that these benefits will be achieved with minimal negative impacts, and will be done at a significantly lower cost than similar projects. The GSPL will be constructed entirely within or adjacent to existing transmission corridors in New Hampshire and Vermont, with 106 miles in New Hampshire utilizing existing infrastructure on a segment of right-of-way that will not be expanded.

As a result of our region’s proven need for cost-effective clean energy resources, the tremendous benefits that will be provided to cities and towns along the route, and the minimal impact that the Granite State Power Link will have on our residents and land, we fully support the project’s ultimate approval and construction.

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