Christine Milligan

“This historic procurement and the clean energy transition are important to our shared future, and we
are happy that Massachusetts is leading the way. We believe our projects – the Granite State Power Link
and the Northeast Renewable Link – provide the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a triple-win by
delivering the greatest emissions reductions at the lowest cost with minimal environmental or
community impact. We are proud of these carefully-designed solutions, which meet this procurement’s
targets, while providing billions of dollars in economic benefits to the Commonwealth and host
communities. Our working relationships with General Electric, Citizens Energy, Vermont Electric Power
Company and IBEW further our commitment to bring broad economic opportunity to New England. We
are appreciative of diverse and growing support we’ve earned throughout the host states and
communities, including Vermont’s Governor Scott, the Northeast Kingdom and New Hampshire state
legislators, NVDA, NCIC, and many route towns and residents. We are committed to advancing these
and other projects in our renewable energy portfolio that achieve substantial triple-win benefits for
customers and communities.
We look forward to the independent evaluator’s report to better understand the methodology by which
these projects were scored and selected.” — John Flynn, Senior Vice President, National Grid Ventures.
“We will continue to help build important green energy infrastructure and use our profits to serve the
energy needs of struggling senior citizens and low-income families,” said Citizens Energy Chairman
Joseph P. Kennedy II.


About National Grid Ventures
National Grid Ventures is a separate unit within National Grid plc that operates a broad renewable
energy portfolio across the US and UK—focused on accelerating a clean energy transition. NGV’s
partnership with GSPL is being conducted through GridAmerica Holdings Inc., a non-regulated indirect
subsidiary of National Grid plc. For more information, please visit
About Citizens Energy Corporation

Citizens Energy Corporation, a Boston-based non-profit founded in 1979 by former Congressman Joseph
P. Kennedy II, has a long history of using revenues from successful commercial energy ventures to
finance charitable programs to help the poor. Starting in the oil and natural gas industries, Citizens also
launched innovative businesses in the health care, electricity trading, and energy conservation fields.
More recently, the company expanded into the solar, wind and transmission industries – in every case
using profits from its ventures to help the poor wherever it operates.