By Liz Strzepa


A grand total of $20 million: That’s how much Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom will get if an international clean energy project gets the go-ahead.

The project, co-developed by National Grid and Citizens energy, is called the Granite State Power Link.

It will deliver 1,200 MW of clean wind energy from Quebec to Massachusetts.

Under the proposal, in order for the power to get from Point A to Point B, it will have to gravel through roughly 60 miles of above-ground cables, running through the Northeast Kingdom and much of New Hampshire.

Developers said the region will benefit from the project.

The $20 million will go to the Northeastern Vermont Development Association.

The money would be paid out over a 40-year period starting in 2022, when the project is expected to go on the grid.

On top of the money, developers said the project will bring about 2,000 jobs during peak construction, along with tax breaks for both the state and property owners living in host communities.

“(The project) fits with our planning. It fits with our environment, the impact is minimal and it would bring much-needed resources to an economically challenged area of the state,” State Sen. Jane Kitchel said.

That’s why Kitchel and the project’s developers said Granite State Power Link would be a win for the region.

Whether or not the project moves forward will be decided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.